More things that need trying

I’ve not been mentioning it, but my sampling of random beers continues. Not at anything like a serious pace, but it’s still happening. Again, it’s met with differing degrees of success.

Along the way, I’ve enjoyed a rather nice thing called Belfast Ale, from a place down Kilkeel direction. And now I find out that the very same brewery is, allegedly, producing one of the finest 50 beers in the world.

A real ale produced by a small Northern Ireland brewery has been judged one of the best 50 beers in the world.

Whitewater Brewing Company at Kilkeel won the accolade in the prestigious International Beer Challenge 2007.

The brewery’s main product, Clotworthy Dobbin Ale, captured the attention of the judges who included beer critics, brewers, buyers and retailers.

Excellent. Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to the Vineyard we go…

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