A change is as good as a rest, part the 71st

Tonight started off working in the normal place, till the normal time. But it ended up in a very different place, working a very random club night that served beer until silly-o’clock and had music until stupid-o’clock. With a very nice1 crowd, and more women than men.

This was pleasing to me.

Also, it was the first time recently I’d been working somewhere where there was need for a manned smoking area. I miss working places where the craic that follows the smokers happens; it’s not the same in non-smoking venues. Boo hiss to the ban.

I’m not saying that I’m mad keen on going back to working clubs proper, but, as the title suggests, an occasional night might not be the worst of ideas…

1 – for which, read ‘Mojo-ish’, which will mean something to exactly one of my readers…

4 thoughts on “A change is as good as a rest, part the 71st

  1. I remember booked to play in a ‘dodgy club’.The agent told us it was a 9 -11.30 gig at 11.30 we played the National Anthem. An angry manager immediately told us we were booked until 1.00Am. As it was a dodgy club and we didn’t have any weapons we played until then and made sure the agent didn’t get his commission even though the club paid us a bit extra for playing the extra time.

    Oh the stress in them olden days, I couldn’t handle it now…o-l-d a-g-e i-s c-r-e-e-p-i-n-g- up on me

  2. It wasn’t that dodgy; more of an unusual feel to it. In that there didn’t appear to be a single Traditional Belfast Twat in attendance – everyone behaved nicely.

    This, on its own, would have been noteworthy.

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