Actual interestingness

Surprisingly, today’s conference was quite good. Sure, only a couple of the presentations were what I’d call engrossing, but there was craic, and catching up with people I didn’t expect to see there, and frankly the best lunch I’ve had at one of these things.

And the new thing I’ve learned today? Some of the best folks working with diabetes in Norn Iron aren’t preaching what they speak. Specifically all that mumbo jumbo about 10,000 steps a day; it’s presented as a normal figure that everyone should be attaining, and one that will greatly reduce your risk of many things.

And the good professor’s daily average? Some 7,600 steps.

This amused the assembled multitude. Because it was either laugh or cry at the death by powerpoint…

3 thoughts on “Actual interestingness

  1. The only thing that prevents yours truly (easily) attaining the recommended 10000 steps a day is several hours spent behind the wheel. So if the prof does a lot of travelling…

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