Oh, but I do

The tag-line to a blog entry by the Director General of the BBC:

It’s important you can trust the BBC – even on what to call a cat.

Mr DG, I do trust the BBC. I trust that pretty that every angle will be covered somewhere; that all voices will be heard; that people will be sent to shine a light into the darkest of places. That’s not the problem I have with the BBC.

No, what I don’t like, and don’t trust, is the bias that’s shown in the commissioning of shows and in the presentation of news; the bias that isn’t admitted or announced; the insidious bias that only the voice of respectability can get away with.

Do I give a shit about Blue Peter not wanting to call their cat Pussy? No. Am I annoyed by the phone in ‘scandal’ or the Songs of Praise nonsense? No. Am I continually incensed by the soft-left slant put onto every possible news story and every big-budget new series. Damn right I am. But I know it’ll be there, no matter what I think.

So I do trust the BBC; I trust that their output will be factually correct, but politically slanted. I trust them like I’d trust an Aes Sedai: they’ll not actually lie, but their meaning isn’t always the same as the words would suggest…

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