Le blogger a du retour

The ‘holidays’ are again over. For now. So I’m back in the land of my birth, having spent a little bit of time in France. Some not-at-all-hastily-remembered statistics for the trip:

  • Distance travelled pushing wheelchair – lots
  • Diesel Renault Espaces driven – one
  • Bentleys, Ferraris and Lambos drooled over – many
  • Hugely tasty and horribly unhealthy French meals consumed – a beautifully massive amount
  • As above, but for deserts – much the same

A special mention should go to the security staff at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, who were most diligent when it came to checking the person, shoes, belt, wheelchair and personal effects of a slightly built geriatric, but who happily let the six foot skinhead with an angry glare through without even sending him through the metal detector. Muppetry doesn’t even come close to describing their behaviour: yer man had everything down to rosary beeds x-rayed, but I could easily have walked through with a full size model of an emperor penguin made of steel and they wouldn’t have noticed.

Not that I’m annoyed. Obviously.

But as for myself, I’m back to work tomorrow evening. So tonight, I shall quietly sup on an Erdinger and finish my Pratchett. I may also catch up on some blogs, but since my Google Reader is saying that there are something like 350+ posts to read, I’ll likely skip more than a few.

So, anything new and interesting happened since I left? Apart from the appeals to various deities being not-at-all responsible for our resident medical guru proving her worth, obviously. Congrats, ‘Blade

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