More Meme Appropriation

This time, from the most Cyber of Scribes:

1. Total number of books owned –
In the low hundreds. Certainly no more than 500, but more than 200. It could easily be close to the thousand if there hadn’t been a small arson a few years back, but then most of those books were more or less left to me, rather than my own purchases.
2. Last book bought –
Making Money, by Pterry.
3. Last book read –
Making Money, by Pterry. And I’m surprised by the aptness of it: considering how long a lead-time a good novel has, the timing of the release was … interesting. Considering how it’s largely about the psychology of banking and bank runs. Hello, Northern Rock…
4. Five books which mean a lot to you -
Now, what do you mean by ‘mean a lot’? Books that I re-read a lot (Night Watch)? Or perhaps that I’ve found myself quoting from regularly (Parliament of Whores)? Maybe one that introduced me to my favouritest author (Reaper Man)? Or one that made me think a fair bit (Stranger in a Strange Land)? Or one that I use as a novel equivalent of a pop-corn blockbuster, for no-thinking entertainment (Red Storm Rising)?

You know, I can’t think of a single book that means anything. Not at all.

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