A rat, the smelling of

You know me, I’m not the sort to see conspiracy everywhere.

What’s that you say? I am just that sort. Oh, well, that explains everything.

That explains why I’m a little intrigued by the way in which a team error managed to keep the driver’s championship race alive into the final race; why that same error put a smile on the face of a man who hasn’t smiled since he stopped talking to his boss; and why that error managed to put expectations on Hamilton back into ‘realistic’ where they belong.

It’s that last bit that interests me. I’ve been saying for months that the expectations being put on Lewis were totally unreasonable, and at the first demonstration that he could make mistakes, the British press would turn on him like the bunch of feral vermin they are. But the way this driver error is being explained is that it was a team error as much as driver error, so the predicted bursting of the bubble has been replaced by a slow puncture.

This is all to the good; there was no way that the perceived image of the man could go on for ever, and anything that softens his landing is a) good for him, b) good for the sport and c) bad for the baying jackals of the press.

All of which are most welcome.

But more importantly, since I’m a fan of the beautiful red cars, Räikkönen is in with a (theoretical) shot of winning as we head towards the last race. I know I’ve said I prefer Massa, but any driver with the prancing horse on their shirt gets my support at the end of the day…

Roll on Brazil, lets get this over with…

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