Apprehension, ooh ee ooh

It would appear that my nice, calm weekend job is going to be somewhat different tonight. Firstly, the failed experiment from a couple of years ago is going to be repeated in an effort to make the business look more attractive. Which means that, once again, we’ll have less doormen than doors. Fantastic.

And secondly, some rubbish boy band from off of the nineties is going to be playing. Which is always worrying; current boy bands have enough mentalists in the audience, it’ll be considerably worse when the people in attendance are old enough to know better.

Actually, even at current bands, it’s the middle aged attendees that cause the hassle anyway. But still, these ones’ll have had a decade to get over their obsession, and haven’t. Which is sad, and the cause of the apprehension.

4 thoughts on “Apprehension, ooh ee ooh

  1. I am going!!! Would blame it on the female person I is going with. But ya know.. I can’t. I like ‘em.. You know, apart from not liking the cock – I am pretty much gay…

  2. Maybe you could seal us all in while the concert’s on and then just blow up the building, thus solving the problem of all the tragic mentalists infesting the country.
    I may be sad but I have good ideas for purifying society, no? ;)

  3. Hails, that particular policy has been floated in nearly every place I’ve ever done the door, and naught has come of it yet.

    You should all be happy to know that my exposure to the torrent of Thatists was survived. By both parties.

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