Anyone else noticed yet?

I am reliably informed by my sources in the south of England that it is both cold and wet there.

At least we’re not as bad as that. We’re just bloody cold.

off of t’internet

Last week we were seeing the best weather since May, and now it’s baltic. I’m guessing that means that last weekend was our Autumn, and we’re now into weather…

I blame global warming, meself…

5 thoughts on “Anyone else noticed yet?

  1. Here is the civilised part of the South(ish) and East(ish) of Engerland, it is a touch cold, which is to be expected what with the wind coming straight off the Urals and over my house, but it certainly isn’t wet. *looks out window* Nope, clear skies, sun, glorious.

  2. I have since been informed that today is less damp than yesterday, upon which I was basing my weather report.

    Speaking of weather reports, are yours to be really trusted? Because you swore blind it never ever rained in Cambridgeestershire, yet any time I’ve been there it’s been pouring…

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