An easy one to get on board with

I think one of my biggest problems is just how damn tidy I need things to be.

There’s a bit of a bug going round some local blogs at the minute; I caught it at Hails’ place, but she caught it at Is it just me?, so I should probably blame them…

Anyway, this little bug requires you to post a picture of where you do your blogging from. And, lo, here is my little computer room, from which I inflict my blog unto an unsuspecting world.

a desk

As I say, I clearly like things to be far too neat; it’s nearly three years since I moved in, and things appear to have gotten a little cluttered. Note to self: buy some damn bookshelves…

6 thoughts on “An easy one to get on board with

  1. Well thankee kindly.

    And if a little clutter is good, then a lot of clutter is great. Which means that my house is goddamn amazing.

  2. You know, sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to notice the deficiencies. Even if those eyes glow in the dark…

    I shall buy some new blinds forthwith.

  3. It suffices for my needs, sir. And I have got much cooler things that need my careful investment before I start deciding on upgrades.

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