And why did nobody tell me

One of the pitfalls of Virgin Media being rubbish is that they no longer have SkyOne. Which, on the plus side, means that I’m not subjected to their continuous advertising of shite; on the flip side of that, I’m no longer informed about such things as Stargate Atlantis being back on the screen.

Somewhat connected to that, I’m no longer able to watch Stargate Atlantis on TV.

Which means that ye olde bit torrent device has been busy, catching up on the four weeks I’ve missed thus far. And I have three observations to make about them.

  1. I forgot why I stopped downloading ‘preview only’ movies: they’re truely vexing when the SFX aren’t finished and the soundtrack isn’t in place. There’s one site I’ll no be downloading from again…
  2. Jewel Staite (Kaylee off of Firefly) is still muchly hawt.
  3. Yer wan who plays the psychologist is vastly hawtter as a redhead.

This has been your very shallow nasty sci-fi review of the opening episodes of season 4 of Atlantis. I hope you enjoy…

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