6 thoughts on “Now that really is annoying…

  1. Ed, I know we don’t see eye-to-eye over the whole Take That issue, and I’m officially still annoyed with you, but nonetheless I do love your slightly eccentric remarks. The ham/spam thing has kept me amused – on and off – all day.

    Kudos on the canned meat humour.

  2. Hails, you’re annoyed with me? But I didn’t do nuffin’!

    Also, I can’t claim responsibility for the spam/ham phrase. It’s been semi-official internet terminology for ever, or since about 2004. Which, in t’internet terms, both mean the same thing…

  3. Only “officially” annoyed. Not “actually” annoyed. (I see I have the option here of using italics for emphasis, but have opted for quotation marks as I can’t quite figure it out).
    Have genuinely never heard the ham thing before. Spam, yes, ham, no. Anyway, it’s very funny. You could’ve taken credit for it and been some kind of literary wit-wizard, in my eyes. I would never have known.

  4. The problem with such elaborate ruses and exaggerated claims is that they eventually become unravelled, and the victim of the ruse become disillusioned with humanity and often only a hollow shell of the person they once were.

    So my honesty is purely for your mental well being…

    (As to the official/actual annoyance, that is merely a distinction that exists in the minds of women and ambassadors. I.e., it confuses the hell out of the rest of us.)

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