Pity the poor reporters

While it’s clearly a very good thing that peace has broken out and that we’re all friends now over here, there have been some losers in the whole thing.

Among said losers are the local reporters; their days in the sun have passed. A few years ago, they had big important political summits to cover, before that they had bombings and shootings galore. Rarely a week went past that there wasn’t something on the network news presented by a familiar, NIrish face.

Those days have long gone, and the local media are falling over themselves to cover any human interest story that would have been totally ignored ten or fifteen years ago.

Which is probably why two minutes of expensive air time has been taken up with this report, which asks the annual questions: are the spiders bigger this year, and why are there so fuckin’ many of them?

That’s probably going to be the new BBC NI slogan: We’re not twiddling our thumbs here, honest.

On a very tediously connected note, I’m loving the ability to throw spiders at people on Facebook. Very childish, I know, but then little amuses the dumb the innocent…

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