Things wot I do like to see

As with the last attempt to get an EU constitution passed, I’m quite keen on having the to say no to the current one. Mainly because the current on is fairly identical to the previous one, but also because I’m generally against the EU in the first place…

But, being the charitable sort, I’m not averse to putting myself in the shoes of those I disagree with. So, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a Brussels, power-hungry, red-tape loving, bureaucratic bastard of an EU policy wonk.

What would annoy me most?

  • The new EU countries who aren’t nicely toeing the party line, and are missing all those perfect opportunities to shut up and do as they’re told? Not hardly, because they’re nicely cowed by the disappearance of the chequebook, and sure it’s only the political classes that need to change their mind for the grand EU project to keep going.
  • The traditional and predictable eurosceptic nations, where the gutter press and the silly people can be counted on to rant and rail against the expansion of EU powers, while their politicians get on the Brussels gravy train? Again, not so much, because no matter how much noise the masses make, the politicians keep ignoring them and doing what politicians do best: fuck ‘em over and stay on the gravy train for as long as possible.
  • Traditional europhile nations that, on occasion, produce nasty results at referenda? That is very annoying, but it’s easily solved by not allowing people to have referenda on such trifling things as handing over the reins to an unelected mob in a small city in a country that doesn’t even want to be a country any more…
  • Or the initially europhilie nation that’s becoming more and more eurosceptic and is also constitutionally bound to hold a referendum on any treaty that involved changes in the legal status of the country? That would be rather annoying, wouldn’t it?

Of course, the shameful result of the Nice referendum could be tried for again (‘Oh, you silly plebes, you gave us the wrong answer. Try again, and don’t forget what side your bread is buttered on…’), but the increase in cynicism is palpable in Oireland, so I do how hope that a) the nation votes no, and b) the nation votes no again, and c) the nation votes no again, until they stop asking the fucking question and let the EU constitution die.

The ideal result: a scenario where the will of a million people on the very edge of a continent can disrupt the plans of the rulers of half a billion folk. Thus illustrating that the EU is not, and can never be, a democratic institution and should be carefully demolished and replaced with something less stupid. Like, and I’m talking crazy here, an economic community where people can trade freely between nations. Rather than a massive political conglomerate whose tendrils are busy invading every aspect of life…

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