You missed the biggest difference

One of the things that gets me about the whole CSI franchise is the glaring unreality exposed within it.

Now I don’t mind all the scientific and procedural nonsense; I’m willing to file all that under reasonable suspension of disbelief. Other I know are not so forgiving, and have been thusly banned from watching it entirely.

No, my problem with it is this: CSIs, and their equivalents over here, are civil servants. And yet you never seen any of them dying for a cuppa, or taking a leave day just because, or taking their flexi, or saying they can’t work Thursdays because they need their union-mandated training day, or asking for their computer money. Or bitching and backstabbing their colleagues. Despite all of these things being perfectly normal behaviour in any civil service office I’ve ever been in.

I can overlook such minor discrepancies as fully deciphering an encrypted hard drive between ad breaks, and ‘enhancing’ a photo to show a face two miles beyond the focal point, but I cannot accept a show showing an entire office of civil servants in the way that CSI does. Far too unbelievable…

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