Why the fuss?

It’s an ago old tradition: some animals need killin'; people can be found who will pay to partake in said killin'; everyone involved wins. Provided the animals in question aren’t in danger of dying out through the practice (a la Passenger Pigeon) I can see no problem with this; the local population get an income and a reduction in the pest population and the hunters get to practice their sport.

Of course, if it’s a politician involved, things get a little more complicated. Because everything they do is taken to reflect on their politics.

And if it’s an NIrish politician, things can get even more complicated, what with the petty nature of local politics and the symbolism involved.

And if the animal being put down is an international symbol of peace, then you get people rather annoyed.

Naturally, I’m generally on the side of the politician-bashers, because there are few sports that entertain me more. But I think I’ll have to be on the side of Mr Shannon on this one; animal right do-goodery may be a step too far, even for me…

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