Things I now want to do

The recent trip to Rome didn’t allow for much in the way of conventional sightseeing; the Colosseum was near to where I was staying, so I got to see it, and I was to be seen in various semi-touristy bits of the Vatican on occasion, but not many opportunities for photo taking arose.

Until the flight home, when I got a pretty good view of something I always like seeing:


Those would be the Alps, covered in snow. I’ve not actually been in the Alps in over a decade, but I’d be quite keen on going back.

Part of that is a natural desire to get back on a snowboard, but fear not, dear reader, for plans in that regard are well developed. Might be a fair few weeks until they come to fruition, but we’re getting there…

And I did get a few shots of said mountain range without the intrusion of the wing-bits of an A320 at the side of the frame. But if you haven’t noticed by now that I quite like a) flying and b) flying machines, you’ve not really been paying attention…

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