It wasn’t me

Being a good and careful sort, I should point out that I wasn’t in Dublin on Wednesday, so this is nothing to do with me.

Anyway, I’d not have bothered with the Carlsberg. Or Budweiser, to be honest…

2 thoughts on “It wasn’t me

  1. heh. The bizarre thing is i wonder if he actually had the staff helping him load the kegs… more than 400 of them..

    The bbc site had a odd related link.. they are going to push advertising of Guiness in Africa.. Nigeria is the 3rd largest market for the black stuff apparently..

  2. My reading of the article was that the fella had just hitched his cab up to a trailer that was ready loaded; if that’s what happened, the theft probably wouldn’t have been noticed until the dispatcher got a call from the real driver wondering where his load was. Simple, but effective.

    I’d heard about Nigeria being a big consumer of the black stuff; apparently they brew it there and everything. But I’m not sure why, I can’t really drink a lot of it when it’s hot out.

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