The difficulty with being know by more than one name is that doing a meme such as this features quite a bit of duplication of work.

Oh well.

What is your name? Ed John
4 letter word: Ergo Jolt
Vehicle: Eunuch-cycle Jaunting Car
City: Edminton Jericho
Boy Name: Eric James
Girl Name: Elizabeth Joan
Alcoholic drink: Erdinger Jameson
Occupation: Engineer Joiner
Something you wear: Elbow pads Jacket
Celebrity: Eddie Irvine Jack Black
Food: Emmental Jam
Something found in a bathroom: Ear buds Jammies
Reason for Being Late: Emergency Just slept in
Cartoon Character: Ey-ore Jetsons, the
Something You Shout: Everlovin’ twunt! Jackass!
Animal: Elephant Jackel
Body part: Eye Just between the hand and elbow
Music style: Ebonics. Ish. Jive.
Word to describe you: Evasive Jumpy
Ideal gift: Everything Jo from Spooks

Actually, that was more difficult than I though. Plz to spot the obvious ones where I had problems…

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