Watching the watchers

Like Hails I was a little amused by the story of a Chief Road Safety Bastard and Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police being caught breaking the motoring law. And escaping with a small fine, a driving ban and a bit of adverse publicity.

Speed Kills? Not hardly, but it does some damage to the careers of people who get caught breaking the rules they’re soooo keen on the rest of us following.

Speaking of the rules we have to follow, there’s a very nasty little clause that was introduced along with speed cameras by the Tories. Removing the right of someone not to incriminate themselves and the right to silence. Basically, if the owner of a vehicle caught by a camera doesn’t name the driver of said vehicle, the owner has broken the law, and the police will generally issue a penalty on the owner. Over the years, MUFC and several other high profile organisations have fallen victim to this in a highly publicised fashion.

Now guess who’s been caught doing the very same thing? Yes, South Yorkshire Police:

Roadside camera photographs of South Yorkshire Police officers caught speeding, but who later had their cases dropped, have been obtained by the BBC.

Those in cars caught on camera were all on duty but none was prosecuted after refusing to say who was at the wheel.

The force said cases were not pursued due to drivers not being identified.

One rule for thee, and one for me…

So the left hand of South Yorkshire Police refused to prosecute the right hand for refusing to incriminate the right thumb, despite the fact that they’d be happy to prosecute any other organisation in similar circumstances. Nice.

Also, it make me wonder what would have happened if the good Chief Constable had been caught on camera in his own force’s area, as opposed to being caught by the minions of Anti Car Bastard In Chief Brunstrom… Any bets on a swift No Further Action?

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