Clearly not the right sort of catholic

There was me thinking that Sinn Fein were all about the equality and fairness, as long as the ancient Protestant/Catholic imbalance was corrected.

Apparently not.

Migrant Catholic workers should not be classified as Catholic when it comes to monitoring the Northern Ireland workforce, Sinn Fein has said.

Foyle MLA Martina Anderson said

“Employers do not perceive migrant workers as belonging to the local nationalist or unionist communities and this is artificially inflating the Catholic/nationalist representation in the workforce, the bulk of whom are from Catholic countries.

“The same situation has arisen within the internal tracking systems of the PSNI making it difficult to track the true numbers of Catholics/nationalist applying or being appointed locally.”

So the problem isn’t that there are too few Catholics joining the PSNI, it’s that too few Norn Iron Catholics are joining it. Not content with dividing the population into green and orange, are we now to be subdivided into green (home), green (away), orange (home) and orange (away) divisions? Not that it’s any more silly than the existing system, of course, but it’d be a further annoyance…

One thought on “Clearly not the right sort of catholic

  1. ‘She said counting migrants as Catholics gave a false impression of the number of nationalists in employment.’

    Sheesh! They can count me out too. Not everyone who goes to the traditional RC primary school becomes nationalist.

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