Once again, I’m impressed

Despite misgivings, I have to say that the good folks of Belfast have impressed me once more. Not only in the adjustments to driving style, although they were both excellent and considerate, but in the way that people actually went to help others. I’m not used to such consideration.

For example, on the helping front: anyone I saw with any indication of their car being stranded in a drift was helped by passers by. Helpful passers by? In Belfast? I near died of shock…

And on the driving front: plenty of space left to everyone, two lanes generally reduced to one for reasons of leaving such space. Nobody pushing any limits. And not a single honking of horn.

Of course, now I’ve arrived in the office, I find myself alone… Oh wait, here comes someone else. And they’re accompanied by child, because the crèche is closed.

Joy of joys.

One thought on “Once again, I’m impressed

  1. Children in the workplace…never a good idea.

    I can drive in adverse weather conditions, it’s everybody else!
    I saw 4 cars in ditches and a lorry tilting scarily onto a fence near Nutts corner.

    Engine braking, driving in the highest gear possible and whatever lucky charm you have to hand usually works for me.

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