Hopes: The not building up too much of

I read about the alleged ID card delay with great interest, but only mild joy. Why only mild joy, you ask? Well, because the thing has been declared mostly dead many, many times, and yet no bastard has actually buried it.

Basically, I’ll believe that the whole shebang is totally dead when the lamp posts of Westminster are creaking under the weight and the sales of hemp have gone through the roof.

Or when someone in power actually stands up and says:

Yeah, this was a total FUBAR situation. We wanted it, the civil service wanted it, the police wanted it, but you ungrateful bastards just wouldn’t shut up and take your damn medicine.

The mob is now knocking on the door, and we can smell the Righteous Fires of Indignation from here, so we’ve suddenly decided to abandon the idea and put specific laws in place allowing the immediate castration of any politician who ever suggests the idea again.

And remember, we’re not all bastards. Just the ones you hear from fit that criteria…

id est, I ain’t holding my breath.

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