So, quick question…

Obviously, I’m interested in the US election. Not so much so that it’s all I think about, or anything, but I’ve been reading quite a bit about it, and I’ve been paying attention to the primaries. Mostly, to be honest, from the point of view of someone thinking “Sweet Jeebus, is there not one person running who isn’t a fucktard of the highest order”, but that’s not really the point.

No, the point – and the question – is about the supporters of one of the candidates. To whit:

What the fuck are they smoking at Obama rallies?

Seriously, the guy speaks well, but says little. In fact, he seems to spend all his time uttering banalities about hope, change, blah blah blah, without mentioning much in the way of plans. And yet he’s being welcomed like the next incarnation of Christ. So, what are they smoking to stir up this hysteria?

I only ask, of course, because I remember some similar hysteria over this side of the Atlantic a few years ago.

© BBC, I think

And look how that turned out…

14 thoughts on “So, quick question…

  1. Sounds like Obama is coming out with the same empty rhetoric that all politicians use.

    He’s the new, erm, black hope or something. Looks like the -a change is as good as a rest- syndrome is in effect.

    If they were smoking somthing funny they might actually have a moment of insight but maybe I’m being too hopeful.

    Ron Paul’s policies seem sound apart form the great bugbear of abortion. He’ll lose out on that one never mind the near media blackout on him.

  2. I have to say, I’m not as impressed by Paul as I thought I would be. His foreign policies – which are apparently the majority of the President’s job – are very weak. And he seems to be just a little far from sane.

    No less sane than the rest of the candidates, of course, but then that’s hardly a ringing endorsement…

  3. Weak? You mean not in lock step with the corporate agenda.

    The Soviet Union invade Afgahnistan.The CIA and the ISI create a fighting force based on radical islamic ideology to stem the red tide. Finally the Soviets admit defeat and withdraw. The islamic jihadists don’t go away…they grow in number.

    The US govt give $43 million to the Taliban to “stop growing opium” -maybe a big incentive to allow a gas pipeline to cross their country instead, who knows?

    2 Planes crash into buildings in New York, they collapse, another building not hit by anything also collapses all very neatly. Suddenly the masses are behind whatever POTUS says.

    Afghansitan get invaded and so do Iraq. Opium production goes through the roof in Afgahnistan and is now rumoured to be farmed in Iraq as well.

    Big money in the black market narco trade, funny how it always happens when the western powers invade or get involved.

    Afgahnistan and Iraq weren’t a threat to anyone anywhere.

    Saddam and Osama were Cia stooges. Noriga was too but he double crossed them so they invaded Panama and took him to the US and jailed him.

    Saddam was hanged, ig it really was Saddam that is.

    Osama’s family have business interests with the Bush family so he lives free.

    Wake up.

    Rant over, until another day.

  4. And leaving the UN and NATO? All US troops to return to the US? What of Korea; what of the work US forces did in South East Asia following the tsunami; what of Bosnia? For that matter, what of the massive US presence keeping the Germans down and the Russians out?

    For better or worse, the US is really the only viable candidate for world policeman, and Paul wants the policeman to be safely behind a desk at HQ, doing paperwork.

    And please, how much credit do you give the CIA? Bear in mind: they’re a government agency, and thusly their organisational IQ is that of the stupidest person present divided by the number of people working there…

  5. I didn’t realise that peace work was included in this discussion.

    What about Korea, that war is still in official ceasefire!
    US keeping Germans down and Russians out? It was the US banks such as Averill Harriman who funded the Nazi party in the first place, matter of public record too. Check it out.

    UN and NATO are relics that need to be disbanded.

    DRC has had no involvement from the US at all and with 5 million dead and counting. Humanitarianism just doesn’t enter into the debate. It’s ” what have you got that we want”. Darfur- Sudan has oil and China got in there first. George Clooney and his Dad having a press conference about the terrible things happening…….no mention of DRC. Bullshit.

    US only viable option of world policeman? The arrogance of them thinnking they fit this role astounds me. Who are they to tell people what to do? Who is any country to start interfering with another unless they themselves are threatened in some way and I don’t mean there business interests either?

    Credit to the CIA? They seem to be very efficent at wreaking havoc and mayhem.

  6. To be honest, I wasn’t aware that Iraq, Afghanistan and tin foil hats were part of this discussion either; I was just saying that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is fucked up. Because it is clearly fucked up.

    And please, ‘who is any country’? Isolationism is as morally bankrupt as empire building, just approaching it from the other side. Just because not enough is being done in Darfur and the Congo doesn’t mean that everyone should step back and do nothing about anything; it means that people have to step up and fucking do more.

  7. Tinfoil hat? They just make things worse.

    The UN was formed to be the world policeman.
    I wasn’t advocating isolationism by any means but when a country thousands of miles away that is not under any threat invades another country…why can’t their neighbours do something if they feel threatened?
    All these conflicts are about resources, not about getting the “bad guys”.
    I stand by all my comments.

    Have you read his foreign policy then, how precisely is it , as you say, “fucked up”?

    Must be the coming full moon, I alwasy get ranty at this time.

  8. Tinfoil hat? They just make things worse. I deal in reality not the garbage I am expected to go along with.

    The UN was formed to be the world policeman.
    I wasn’t advocating isolationism by any means but when a country thousands of miles away that is not under any threat invades another country…why can’t their neighbours do something if they feel threatened?
    All these conflicts are about resources, not about getting the “bad guys”.
    I agree that neighbouring countries should do more and nations should cooperate more.
    Have you read Paul’s foreign policy then, how precisely is it , as you say, “fucked up”?

    Must be the coming full moon, I always get ranty at this time.

  9. I’ve read the bare bones of his foreign policy, and what his website terms ‘American Independence and Sovereignty’, wherein he says that free trade areas are all about making a massive nation of North America.

    Frankly, it’s a mishmash of isolationism, protectionism and populism. Three things which fail to spark much support from me.

    (Oh, and for a strict constitutionalist or Jeffersonian, the phrase We are spread so thin that we have too few troops defending America would be infuriating, what with the initial worries about standing armies.)

  10. I wouldn’t vote for him over the abortion stance but since I don’t live in the US that is neither here nor there.
    He hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected.
    First time I have heard some sense from a politician though. Scary.

    I can see the draft coming back over there you know. Well if the private contractors take all the troops on they’ll need some troops of their own again won’ they?

  11. Like most of the US elections I’ve been aware of, if I had to vote, it would be on the basis of ‘least bad’, rather than ‘best’ candidates, since there’s not been one I’d go so far as to call good.

    Yes, he has said a few sensible things (so, to be fair, has McCain, and so did Thompson), but that just makes it even more depressing when they turn out to be fuckwits, as they all eventually do.

    I don’t think that the draft will come back in the immediate future, just because of the domestic political cost. But then, you can’t be sure. Especially since the mechanics are sill in place.

  12. I wholeheartedly agree, they are all fuckwits.
    I think that even the ones who start out with “good intentions” succumb eventually.

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