Ripping the piss much?

Assembly Salary Number of people per member Salary per representee
NI Assembly * £52,000 15,836 £3.28
Scottish Assembly £53,091 39,665 £1.33
Westminister £59,095 93,788 £0.63
Congress $165,200 697,287 $0.24

* – Proposed new salary

Please, someone tell me that I’m not the only one who sees something obscenely wrong with these figures. Not only are we terribly over governed (councils, the Assembly and Westminster), but we’re expected to pay the local lot almost as much as the national lot for the privilege. To the tune of £3.28 per head of population, just in salary for Assembly Members. While the barstewards in Westminister make do with a poxy 63 pence per head of population. And those lucky, lucky Americans only get shafted to the tune of 12 pence per representee.

This does not impress.

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