Well that was nice

I’m a great fan of holidays; they feature quite high on my list of things that I should do more of.

Unfortunately, they’re also quite tiring, and the return to work following a holiday is never nice. So I’m also a great fan of the saying “you need a holiday to get over your holiday”.

Somewhat related to this, following the Canadian jaunt a few weeks ago, part of my recovery took place this weekend. Whereupon I met up with a few random Englishers (plus ancillary Frenchman) and traipsed off to Baile Átha Cliath for a few beverages and some random touristy stuff. The obligatory touristy stuff was done (St James’ Gate and Kilmainham, plus random wandering round a few places), the rugby was watched, much shit was talked and more than a few pints were consumed.

Thusly, the weekend was judged to be a success. And it’s helped get over the last holiday no end.


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