I started counting visits to this weblog in early April, and up until the start of this week I had about 750 visits, which was nice. So I was averaging about 100 visitors a week, which I thought was quite respectable. And I thought that, with the way traffic was going, I would beat the thousand about the end of my exams, a week or so into June. And I had planned to do a stupid little “Whoooooo! Four figures on the counter!” post then, pretending that I had hit the big time.

Then I wrote a post about the officer in the Gulf who had been accused of war crimes by a petty jumped up insubordinate little shit of a disgruntled US reservisist, and Google picked up on it. And I wrote a little message to den Beste asking about one of his older posts, and he only went and linked me (cheers to Chez for letting me know, I hadn’t had a look at the USS Clueless or my stats before he texted me).

So I recieved over 250 unique visitors in the past four days, and Sitemeter is predicting that I’ll get about 3,600 visitors over the next month. Not going to happen, but hey, I like it. And it gives me a chance to go:

Whoooooo! Four figures on the counter!

UPDATE: SiteMeter is now predicting that I’ll get around 43,000 visitors over the next month, giving roughly 100,000 page views. Crikey. I’m hoping that this doesn’t happen; they’re also prediciting that I’ll get 1,440 visitors per day, which would mean that I’d have a hell of a lot of bandwidth consumption. Given that there’s more than just my blog hosted here, I think that I’d have to purchase some more bandwidth. Which I don’t really want to have to do.

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