The subtitle says it all

You know, sometimes this blogging lark gets very tiring. You hear about something, think that it’s worth writing about, go through the thought process of putting together a post1, then you sit down to check some facts before writing it.

Sometimes, one of the sites that I check then goes and blows the point of the post out of the water, by being cleverer, more succinct, and reaching a much bigger audience.

Such was the case when I sat down this AM to put together a little piece on the wonderful news that the government is planning a massive birth-to-death record of all pupils. I was thinking a little about referencing data quality, data security and civil liberties arguments when I opened el Reg

Government wants every English child on ‘secure’ database
Cos they know all about ‘secure’ databases…

That’s the data quality/data security issues done, and if you’re worried about the civil liberties side of it, try reading The Englishman’s post Unique Learner Number

‘course, if I was that worried about people doing things better than me, I’d have given up long ago. It’s just that, on occasion, I think it’s better to point out others’ arguments, rather than just adding my profanity to the case.

1 – Yes, apparently some folk do think about things before writing them. What fools, eh?

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