Had to happen

If you start talking about paying our poxy local politicians Westminster wages, pretty soon they’re going to start acting like the self-important bastards in Westminster.

Like, this quickly.

The alcohol culture portrayed in soaps like EastEnders and Coronation Street is “irresponsible broadcasting”, Martin McGuinness has warned.

Northern Ireland’s deputy first minster said the antics portrayed in the Rovers Return and Queen Vic was unacceptable.

Yup. Westminster politicians can’t so much as watch a TV programme without thinking how the Pore Folk need protecting from it, and our glorious Deputy First Minister is following in their illustrious footsteps.

Which is more than a little bit shit, really. Who the fuck is he (as Deputy First Minister of a province with 1.something million folk) to say what is unacceptable for the entire UK, 59 million of whom live outside his jurisdiction, and 60 million of whom never voted for his party?


Obviously, as a private citizen, he could state his opinions about the acceptability of whatever the fuck he wanted. But in this instance he was speaking as a poxy local government deputy, and he doesn’t have the mandate to do that. So he can go fuck himself.

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