I does as I’m bid

Plz to find here a message wot was sent to me t’other day.

Was going to say that the blog wasn’t up to your usual rants… Expect to read you being properly worked up tomorrow.

Now, since I’m a good little boy and always do what I’m told, I’m sure I can find something to get worked up about.

But what? Everything’s going swimmingly. The weather’s improving, the politicians are behaving, the jobs going well…

Oh wait.

The weather, as befits the weeks leading up to St Patrick’s day, is shit. It’s cold, unless it’s raining. When it becomes a little warmer, but considerably wetter.

The politicians are behaving exactly as normal; that is to say, dishonestly, pettily, condescendingly, opportunistically, stupidly, etc, etc, etc. And even the local lot aren’t doing what they should be: the DUP has yet to descend into a comedy bitchfight over the Paisley succession.

And as for the job; well, it’s going grand, I’d just rather that there wasn’t so much of it…

So, what to rant about? I can’t think of a single thing…

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