This could be a very good thing

In the same way that the best medicine is often the one that tastes worst and has the most side effects…

The aim of the medication, as I see it, is to wake up the population to the simple truth: the state is not your friend.

And the bitter taste/nasty side effect? It’s the warrantless entry and inspection powers just granted to the Tax Thieves.

Inspectors will be allowed to make lightning visits to taxpayers’ homes, under powers due to come into force next year.

Under the extraordinary new rules, they will be able to turn up unannounced and demand to see tax records.

They will not just target big business but could hit any taxpayer if they suspect money is owed, whatever the amount.

Obviously, there is a big difference between tax avoidance – the legal plays a person or company can make to reduce their tax burden, as we all should do – and tax evasion, which is the illegal version of same. And which I can’t condone, but I totally understand.

But why should the tax botherers have these extra powers of intrusion? Has there been a massive increase in evasion that nobody else has noticed? Have we all suddenly begun to hide earnings in a myriad of import/export schemes? No. They just want a little more power over us.

And if they continue to do things this way, then more and more people will wake up to the sad truth that they’re no longer here as public servants, if they ever were. And that can only be a good thing.

Pity it’d take things like this to make people notice, though.

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