I think we can call that a success

There were many hours spent waiting in airports; there were occasional early starts when such things weren’t welcome. Some bastard even stole an hour from us on Saturday night, and then made up leave our rooms before 10am. We had no kettle, the rain could actually bruise, we got lost on campus despite having lived there for a good while…

And yet, I had an absolute blast. The tea deficit was rectified by the judicious purchase of a kettle and teabags, the weather, tiredness, geographical confusion and all were buried under a tide of beverages. And I got to see a shiteload of people that I’d not otherwise have seen in manys a moon. More surprisingly, some of them didn’t run to hide from me.

And, rather importantly, something very very nice happened. More may, or may not, be revealed at a later time…

3 thoughts on “I think we can call that a success

  1. See, I’m never sure where ‘very smiley’ ends and ‘gurning’ begins…

    And obviously I didn’t think things through. It’s tough to be mysterious when people can just look for answers elsewhere.

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