I’m confused

Clearly that special time of year hasn’t yet ended, for yesterday say two spectacular pieces of linguistic nonsense flow forth from unions. And, funnily enough, both came from teaching unions. Again.

First up, we have a local example: the INTO called on the board of a Derry grammar school to resign after they agreed to implement their own version of the only-method-not-proven-not-to-work transfer test. And then they went on verbal safari.

Brendan Harron of INTO said: “Much has been made in recent years of the importance of the ‘ethos’ in Catholic schools, which is allegedly based on the gospel values of Jesus Christ.

“Yet we here have the governors of such a school taking a decision to perpetuate the most unfair, immoral and socially divisive system of separating children into those who will have opportunity and those who will not. ”

Separating people into those who will have opportunity and those who will not, you say? Well, I call bullshit, because doing the fucking test is opportunity in and of itself. Thusly everyone has opportunity out of the fucking box. Everyone gets a chance to go to a grammar school, regardless of where they live and how much money their parents make: how much less ‘socially divisive’ can you get? And when the deputy first minister of our little country is a man with no qualms about admitting he didn’t get the 11+, I don’t think you can write off people just for failing it, can you?

Then, we get another example, this time on a national level, wherein the NUT confuse their history.

The NUT wants no return to those bad old days.

Going by their recent proclamations (see the pot/kettle post linked to above), I think it’s fair to say that some of the NUT not only wants to return to the bad old days, but parts of it never left them…

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