Welcome to our world, punk

Anybody out there feeling a little sorry for the MPs whose expenses were released?


That’s good, I thought it might just be me who thought it served them right…

You know, I can see why they would want to keep quiet about said expenses. There are legitimate security concerns about parts of them, but there is also the much bigger concern about unnecessary invasion into details that someone should have an expectation of privacy about unless there is a specific suspicion of wrong doing.

Like, for instance, someone’s travel habits; spending habits; associations; communications. Those sorts of things. In fact, just the sort of things that have been opened to nigh on every agency within the public sector by this Parliament and the few preceding it.

Labour MP Ann Cryer said the pursuit of expenses details by journalists was “becoming a witch hunt” and politicians were “all being tarred with the same brush”.

She told BBC Radio 4’s The World at One: “We are all assumed to be wrong ‘uns.”

Welcome to our world. We’re steadily moving towards being guilty until proven innocent, thanks in no small part thanks to you, Ms Cryer.

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You’re worried about your expenses being broken down in the public domain; we’re worried about our entire fucking lives becoming the public domain. And your voting record puts you firmly in the vanguard of the movement doing it to us.

So yes, we do think you’re a wrong’un. Because you fucking are.

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