Looking back…

You know, anniversaries are strange things. Especially if, as our family does, you tend to make something of them.

You see people you don’t see nearly as often as you should, and you find yourself not talking about the reason you’re there. Not intentionally, but probably because most of the people there have said all they feel they need to say on the subject.

Of course, some of us could always bear to hear a little more. My daddy died when I was five, for crying out loud; I never knew him. So I’m always on the prowl for more information about him. An anecdote here, a picture there. I’m all for it.

Which was why I was pleasantly surprised to have a DVD of old 8mm films pressed into my hand last evening. And I’ve come away with an overwhelming sense of relief.

Because I’m not insane, the resemblance is there. The way of moving, the facial expressions, the slightly gangly figure. There’s no other explanation.

off of t’internet

Jarvis Cocker stole my dad’s moves, and likely his glasses as well. I have the video to confirm it…

Hell, it’s better than Bono stealing said moves, ain’t it?

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