By my own damn petard

I don’t hide this blog; that’s my picture on the right and my name right above it. Search for me on google and you’ll find me here. Hell, I’ve even appeared on a radio show where literally dozens of people heard me make a tit out of myself. Look for me on facebook or MSM and there’ll even be a link on my page.

That said, I don’t really advertise. I don’t introduce myself to people as Ed Hillan off of If someone makes the connection (hi mum!) without being told, that’s OK, but if people from meatspace don’t read the blog, I’m perfectly happy. Means I don’t have to watch what I say as much…

Unfortunately, sometimes things get across. The leaving card from my last job, at which I don’t think I ever mentioned this place, featured a couple of ‘keep on blogging’ comments. And this morning a not-entirely-welcome conversation happened.

Boss: Ed, you should do us a newsletter for us. Staffing changes, changes to working practices, good news/bad news, our clients need to be told.

Me: Er, OK. I’ll see if I could pull something together. It’ll largely be made up shit for space filling, though.

Boss: Good good. I’ve read the blog, I know you can do that…

How rude. No need for that kind of attitude.

14 thoughts on “By my own damn petard

  1. I was quite unnerved the other week when a neighbour of my mother mentioned reading my blog. Especially as she is a pillar of the church and all that.

    Then there was the time one of my (very many) cousins sidled up to me at a funeral and said, ‘Hello Nelly.’

    Mostly I try to forget about these other folks and blog just for you Ed.

  2. Such things have happened on occasion to me. The most freaky of which was just the other day when someone I vaguely recognised came up to and started with the Apocalypse Now music

    I fear you’re not including enough dancing girls for to be blogging just for me, though…

  3. AT last weeks appointment I was sitting on the couch as normal. I knew, he had started to read my blog. Now he’s saying he can’t keep on with the therapy. I don’t know what I’ll do, apart from keep on blogging.

  4. Ah. But you know that the restraining order was only put in place because of the neighbours, don’t you? They had issues with the camera van being parked on the road 24-7. Plus the random screeching didn’t go down well…

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