Most excellent

One of the many benefits of digital TV is that you’re not limited to watching just the local stuff; should I feel the need I can go looking for the BBC output from Scotland, England or Wales.

Or, as was the case last night, from London.

Because I was contacted during the evening by someone from London who has a long and shameful history of fearing Boris Johnson. They clearly haven’t seen the sheer cool that would be had by Boris being mayor. And they also clearly haven’t realised that Ken “bastarding” Livingstone is actively in league with the Devil.

Anyway, I was contacted during the evening, and told to turn on to the Mayoral debate, because Ken appeared to be drunk and coming apart at the seams, while Boris was sweeping the floor with him. And some other fella with an orange tie and skin to match sat quietly at the side, doing nothing.

And it was a sight to see. Ken sat fidgeting, stammering a bit, swaying a lot and talking the same horseshit he’s been talking for decades; Boris did it all very professionally and properly, and the other dude sat and neither said nor did anything. I’m guessing he’s the LibDem then…

So there are three things to celebrate here:

  1. Boris looks to be in with a damn good chance.
  2. Ken’s contract with Satan is clearly not going to be renewed, and the poor fucker is falling apart over it. I’m thinking Dorian Grey type falling apart…
  3. My London contact is being carefully led the way of voting Boris, and hasn’t yet realised it. Mwhahahahahahaha. Etc.

One thought on “Most excellent

  1. Boris will be fantastic entertainment, and Ken is reaping the whirlwind from every enemy he’s made. Both seem to be philandering drinkers, but if you have to have one then you should always pick the happy drunk….

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