I does as I’m told…

You may have noticed that yesterdays post was something of a lame effort. I blame the fact that I was out on Thursday night and slept in a little on Friday, but that’s not important right now…

I was appropriately chastised for this lack of effort. And then again, this afternoon I was chastised for not having something new, fresh and interesting1 content up. But sure, it’s Saturday; I can’t be expected to be bright and funny too early in the morning. Anyway, this morning I was busy with my whirley-bird obsession this morning; apparently posting from 50 foot over Strangford Lough would be considered somewhat reckless…

Anyway, as I say, I was chastised. But then, why? What kind of content is appropriate to respond with?

  • A silly quiz, such as has been the stable of this place for a very long time?
  • A semi-thought out post, not with much in the way of links, that nearly nobody will read and fewer people will comment on?
  • A proper, full blown rant with nothing like thought getting in the way of some decent swearing?
  • A little link to someone else’s blog, with the three simple letters afterwards: heh?
  • A moany list of a post, because I can’t be arsed writing anything?

Decisions decisions. So, what should I go for?

1 – Quiet down at the back, I can hear you sniggering from here…

One thought on “I does as I’m told…

  1. Always the rant, Ed, always the rant. You’ll entertain and you’ll feel much better in general at the end of it.

    Plus, if you manage to piss somebody off in the process, the comments will come flying in… ;)

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