Different fry, same complaint

Or “I does as I’m told, Part II”

Oh dear. There are many, many ways to piss me off. You could say something incredibly stupid (“Oh, ID cards are a great idea”, for instance), or you could say something mean (“Higher taxes for x group are the way forward, because they deserve it for being y.”). Or you could try fucking with something I like. Like this Times dude.

I’ll tell you what’s holding us back from finally getting rid of the fried English breakfast for ever: lack of education. You never see a person with a degree eating a fry-up, do you? Certainly not someone with a 2:1 or better in a humanities subject from a university founded before the invention of the iPod. That’s because they are smart enough to know better.

I have little love for the Full English breakfast, for the obvious reason: the Ulster Fry is immeasurably better than it. But for the sake of solidarity, I’ll say that they’re similar. And thusly this attack on the English fry is an attack on all fries. And that’s just not fucking on.

Now, to qualify my issue with the above quote: I don’t have a humanities 2:1 degree from a long established university. I do have a BSc(Hons) from one of the best universities in the country, but that doesn’t match his criteria. So I’m educated by my standards, but not by the standards of Giles Coren.

And lack of education has nothing to do with the continued survival of the fry, in the same way that lack of education has nothing to do with people continuing to smoke, or drink, or drive, or ski, or leave the house without a stab vest. We know that there are risks, we know that certain activities shorten our life span. But we still do them. It’s the difference between living and staying alive.

You’ll often find that the smartest people in the world do some of the silliest things. Be it exploring, or doing strange experiments, or eating tasty food. And I can’t say that I think that’s a bad thing.

Mr Coren is mistaking education and nannying. With the first, we can make our own choices with full awareness of the consequences. With the second, someone else makes our choices with no more awareness than we have.

Can you guess which one I’d prefer?

4 thoughts on “Different fry, same complaint

  1. fukimintheear!

    Perfumed ponce!

    To assume that education has anything to do with eating habits……?

    Mr Coren is making stuff up for column inches. Again.

  2. Rolpol, I assume you mean Giles the elder. If so, I think that his son means to contend for that title…

    MFG, steady on…

  3. Giles took over, mercifully briefly, when Matthew Parris retired from the parliamentary sketch. I think he lasted little more than a week before serious questions were asked!

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