Well, duh

So, hands up all those who thought that, following the massive HMRC data loss, there would be any change.

Nobody? Why am I not shocked…

Apparently, there are even more data losses than ever.

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas is again telling UK companies to sort out their data protection systems as the number of reported losses of private information keeps on growing.

Since Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs lost a copy of the entire child benefit database six months ago the regulator has been told about almost 100 data breaches by government organisations and private companies.

Obviously, a lot of that is going to be people telling the IC whereas they would have kept quiet about it last year, but still, that is a lot of information getting into the hands of people that shouldn’t have it1.

And once again, it’s Reason the Very-Manyth why we shouldn’t let there be any central ID database… Because you might as well just rename it ‘One Stop Shop for ID Theft…’

1 – To whit, the government…

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