Now the nerves begin

I haven’t posted much about the London Mayoral election recently. Partly because, let’s be honest, my opinions of both Boris and Ken ‘Bastarding’ Livingstone are well know. But also because I’m not in London, and my opinion thusly counts for very little in the great scheme of things.

But the polls have closed. And now it’s all about the waiting for the result.

And I hope to fuck that the good people of London have woken up to the fact that Ken ‘Bastarding’ Livingstone is a fucking muppet. He’s got the moral fortitude of a steaming dog turd. He thinks that it’s the job of a mayor to undermine the foreign policy of the country in the name of socialist populist solidarity. He thinks nothing of pandering to the worst of society’s desires – racism, class division, envy, pettyness. He only believes in democracy when it suits him and he’s been known to hijack the situation when democracy isn’t going his way.

Plus, and this can’t be emphasised enough, his voice makes me want to hurt him very badly.

The really worrying thing is that I’ve heard opinion polls, last night and this morning, that Ken may will. How? How can people look at this fucking charlatan and decide that he’s better than anyone? I really don’t get that…

Anyway. You can assume that I’ll be following the news fairly closely over the next few hours. And if the news is bad then I may go out and get rip roaring drunk at the close of business…

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