There’s one theory out the window

Following the BA 777 crash, there’s been a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. What happened? How? Why? Could it happen again? All that good stuff.

One of the odder questions was: did Gordon Brown cause it?

But then, is it really that odd? Anyone who’s seen the movements of the PM on TV will notice that he travels as part of a convoy, to secure the precious man against terrorist attack. Anyone who’s paid attention to the news will know that the terrorist weapon of choice these days is the roadside bomb, which coalition forces try to interrupt with heavy duty jammers.

So, a paranoid man could be forgiven for assuming that part of the convoy contained heavy duty jammers.

And it was also noticed at the time that Gordon Brown’s convoy was passing under the flightpath at the time of the accident. This was used as blogfodder quite a bit; it’s been noticed that Brown has the ability to make any sports team he’s supporting crash and burn, weren’t aircraft the next logical step?

Seems that it was taken most seriously than I’d thought it would be.

The British Airways jet that crashed at Heathrow in January did not suffer from electrical interference, an interim report from crash investigators states.

One theory was that radio signals from Gordon Brown’s motorcade interfered with the Boeing 777 which came down on grass at the end of the runway.

Well, that’s the first bit of good news the Brown has had in two months… He didn’t actually crash a plane. Just an economy and a political party….

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