What’s the problem

Last week, I got in trouble.

I posted a thoughtless, stereotypical email that was sent to me. And I got a bit of grief for it; MFG didn’t like it because of the aforementioned stereotypical-ness, and my girlfriend didn’t much like it because, well, it was slightly insulting to women…

So this Sunday, I will instead posts something insightful, carefully thought out and original. Honest.

And this I shall now do, using this story for inspiration.

A car driver in Australia has been fined for strapping down his beer rather than his young child.

Police said they were “shocked and appalled” when they pulled over the car south of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory.

They said the 30-can pack of beer was strapped down between two adults in the back, with the five-year-old child unrestrained on the floor.

And now for the original thought: what’s the problem? Sure you’re not going to hit anything in that part of the world, so strapping people in isn’t much of an issue. But keeping beer properly secured and in the shade is critically important, because you wouldn’t want a warm beer, would you?

Fret ye not; regular posting will resume at some point…

6 thoughts on “What’s the problem

  1. Admit it, it was ‘er indoors that gave you the most verbal.

    One would think there would be more shade on the floor of the vehicle with feet and maybe a blanket or something over it.

    Hit anything.? ‘roos mate.

  2. MFG: A damnable lie. No verbal at all was had, merely a pointing out that it wasn’t in the best possible taste.

    Speaking of hitting ‘roos, recent activity in that area has resulted in one of my mates henceforth being known as the ‘Roo Slayer. I think that there’s potential for a TV show in there somewhere…

    ‘Blade, I know full well you’re a bird. Sure weren’t you nesting in that tree across the road for months before Batman set you on the straight and narrow?

  3. She tells me that she is suitable, but I’m fairly convinced that she’s much too good for me…

    And wouldn’t Batman have something to say about you spending your time in a tree spying on people?

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