Why let a good idea go unstolen?

This time, I shall be shamelessly stealing from Nelly

Ten things that cut into my blogging time:

  1. Reading blogs.
  2. Waiting for other people to make their moves in Scrabulous.
  3. Working.
  4. Planning visits to The Lovely Girlfriend.
  5. Spending time with TLG.
  6. Playing games on the deligtfully ungreen games console.
  7. Reading.
  8. Throwing a very small machine round a very large sky.
  9. Reading rather dull textbooks enabling more throwing around of small machines in large skies.
  10. Forgetting to watch all those hours of TV that are resting on the harddrive of my computer.

I’d copy the other list, that of ‘popular’ TV shows that I’ve never watched. But I fear that the list would be woefully short and I’d just look silly…

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