Well, that’s entertaining

I’m all for showing how politicians are face deep in the trough, and loving the huffing and puffing that they’re doing. How indignant people can get when it’s shown just how ridiculous the system that they can abuse is is something very amusing.

Plus, there’s this sort of behaviour:

Some MPs are angry that their home addresses will be published.

Liberal Democrat MP Bob Russell has tabled a motion calling for a breakdown of the expenses of, and home addresses of, High Court judges.

Conservative MP Julian Lewis backed Mr Russell’s move in the Commons on Thursday, branding the release of MPs’ addresses “barking mad” and claiming it opened them up to hate mail and attacks by “extremists”.

MPs can claim up to £23,000 a year to spend on costs incurred while staying away from their main home – including televisions, rent or mortgage payments and, without providing a receipt, up to £400 a month for food.

Comparing High Court judges to MPs is, of course, a bit of a joke. Only one of those runs for office; only one of those sets the pay for millions of people, only one of those has had a part to play in handing over every detail of our lives to other people.

Plus, and I hate to be appearing a little wealth-envious here, having something along the lines of 1.5 times the average salary just as expenses, with our fucking money, is a very sneaky way to add to your salary. And it’s just the sort of thing that politicians complain about business doing. With the difference being that businessmen are accountable to their shareholders, while MPs have consistently shown themselves not to be…

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