A most excellent way to do it

I’m not a fan of all these scary government ads, threatening everyone that they better do everything by the book OR ELSE. Because you can’t escape the DVLA computer1, etc etc.

Nor am I a fan of all these wonderful campaigns to get people snitching on each other. There’s the one to report TV licence evaders, the one to report anyone earning cash money, the one to report minimum wage infringements, the one to report people selling cigarettes down t’pub, the one to report antisocial behaviour, the one to report less than complimentary comments about the Party, etc, etc.

Which is why I’m really very happy to see stories like this.

A hotline set up to catch income tax cheats has been flooded with calls from people making malicious and unfounded allegations, MPs have been told.

One woman made 68 calls to report her husband – none of which had led to an investigation, the Public Accounts Committee was told.

The hotline was launched in 2006 with television and radio adverts. It is aimed at catching income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, VAT, National Insurance and inheritance tax cheats and was modelled on the Department for Work and Pensions benefit cheat hotline.

I really hate the way that the government insists on saying that people not paying tax is in some way ‘defrauding’ it. It’s not. It’s merely minimising the indentured servitute that is forced upon us…

As I may have mentioned before: using every legal tool to minimise the tax we pay is not only a good thing, it the right thing.

And if that pisses off the government, and the Inland Revenue/successor agencies, all the better.

1 – Probably true, but the amount of things that seem to escape from the DVLA computer is scary all by itself…

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