Tragi-comic happenings

You know, if I didn’t think that they fully intended to ignore the message, I’d be amused by the bemusement in Brussels over the Irish ‘No’ vote.

Correspondents say the assembled foreign ministers will be keen to hear their Irish counterpart’s views as they look for ways to overcome the crisis.

After their meeting in Luxembourg, a two-day EU summit in Brussels – starting on Thursday – is expected to chart the way ahead.

The way ahead: respect the opinions of the only population that was asked, and bin the damn thing. And then come up with something that isn’t an affront to democracy and national politics.

Or, dust down the European Union All Purpose Plan B:

Leaders will want to know why the referendum come up with such a clear No and what changes could be made to accommodate the disparate concerns of Irish voters, she says.

They also want to work out how soon a second vote might be possible, if at all, our correspondent adds.

Demand to know why the stupid proles came up with the wrong answer, and then see how quickly you can bully them into giving the correct answer.

Here’s hoping that they don’t do that, because that would be a) stupid, b) wrong, and c) insulting.

There was something I heard on the radio yesterday, along the lines of “Why is any YES given to the EU seen as a final answer, while and NO is just a holding pattern for further discussion?” And that’s a thought that’s been festering since…

Speaking of Festering Thoughts, how about this one. Without so much as a public statement, the Home Affairs Minister in Jersey amended the criminal code to allow for indefinite detention of suspects without trial… How the fuck does that work?

Happily, now that people have noticed, the thing seems to have been withdrawn. But the fact that it could be put in place without so much as a question being asked in the States is a little bit worrying…

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