Animal strangeness

Following on from suicidal birds and indiscrete rabbits in the wilds of Cullybackey, I had my own wee run-ins yesterday.

Yesterday, of course was my half day. Recently I’ve tried to use this as an excuse to go flying, but scheduling didn’t permit this. So I spent the day working harder and for less money than normal: fixing t’internet connections, doing a payroll run and exorcising a laptop. In the course of this, I had to drive myself along the Portglenone line. Which is normally a muchly fun road, on which you don’t need to be actually going fast to get the sensation of having to drive rather than just steer.

Not so much fun when caught in a convoy of cars doing less than 50, though, as was the case yesterday. Booooooooo. And even more boooooooo was to be found when three separate birds decided to kamikaze onto the windscreen within a mile… Boo to having to scrape bits of bird guts from the windscreen, frankly.

Slightly later, I had cause to be driving along the Antrim road as well. And was faced with a visible cloud of these feckers, about three yards wide and about two miles long. Just over the power/telephone lines along the side of the road… Most unnerving, if I’m honest.

So, what was up with the fauna of south Antrim yesterday? Any thoughts?

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