Last one to leave, please turn out the lights

Truespeak is finally entering the mainstream, with government openly promoting wrongs by naming them for their opposite.

It’s been happening for a long time; the Ministry of Justice deals with the lack of justice, the Department of Education deals with dumbing down and the Ministry of Health deals with sickness.

But all of that has been blown out of the water by the Equality Bill, which openly promotes discrimination against an ethnic group (to whit, whitey) and against a specific gender (to whit, those with the XY combination).

Harriet Harman has defended plans to make it legal for firms to discriminate in favour of female and ethnic minorities job candidates.

The equalities minister said firms should be able to choose a woman over a man of equal ability if they want to.

But fear not, other types of discrimination will be outlawed. Against hiring someone for a training post three weeks before they plan to retire, for example. But not really, of course:

Age discrimination will also be outlawed in the provision of goods and services, such as holidays and insurance.

Other age distinctions, such as free bus passes and holidays for the over-50s or 18-to-30s, will be exempt.

I assume, then, that discrimination against males in the field of insurance will be made illegal? Just because we’re a proven higher insurance risk doesn’t mean that we should have to pay more, does it?

Oh wait, no. That won’t be happening. Because it would be daft. But don’t let that get in the way of doing the same for old people…

Sweet Jaysus. How did we get to the point where this was even considered, let alone had a decent chance of becoming law?

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