The old ways come back

The other day, TLG was driving me to Stansted to drop me off for my flight, when we got stuck in a very sudden queue about a mile shy of the terminal. This was unexpected, but not unfamiliar; anyone who drive to Aldergrove before the ceasefires would have been familiar with the type of queue. It’s the one where there’s a group of heavily armed men with armoured cars at the head of it, doing nothing more than look scary and pretending to judge the occupants of the cars on anything more than race and haircut…

Now, me being the sort of fella I am (i.e., prime demographic for a second look under the old system, somewhat too pale for such attention in this wonderful new world but still plenty paranoid), I flicked the switch in my head for such situations. Move ID to a place where reaching for it is entirely non-threatening, have a quick glance at the ticket to memorise the flight details, that sort of thing. Which must have amused TLG a little, but she’s a kind soul and didn’t laugh too much.


As I say; I’m not entirely keen on these sorts of security theatre; even when they were permanent and relatively consistent they weren’t much use. When they’re random and arbitrary, they’re less than useless and plenty open to abuse.

And not just wilful abuse; plain old fashioned abuse through ignorance is bad enough.

A police officer has been transferred from duties at a Channel crossing after a disabled child and his parents were detained under the Terrorism Act.

Julie Maynard, of Ware, Hertfordshire, was taking a day trip to Calais through the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone, Kent.

The detective constable accused Ms Maynard and her husband Leslie Coombs of trafficking her son Joshua, 12.

Kent Police apologised and described the incident as inappropriate, unprofessional and lacking in tact.

I’m not sure which pisses me off more: that such things can happen, or that I’m fairly sure that they happen much more than is reported…

Plus, I’m at a loss as to how people trafficking is anything to do with terrorism. Anyone care to explain that to me?

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